Why Fortnite Remains The Best Remembered Game Ever!

 Ever since its launch two years ago, Fortnite has caused a stir in the world of video games. It has not only changed the way people look at video games, but also had had a heavy influence is re-defining the pop culture. However, these 2 years are really a culmination of the many years that has taken the experience and expertise to make Fortnite reach where it is today. It is one of the best games to have been launched and till date, remains a favourite for many people in various parts of the world. 

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One of the attractions or the eye-grabbing parts was its difficulty. Players got hooked onto this game, especially due to the difficulty level and the skill requirement. This was a game made for true gamers and required a lot of skill and passion for it to be played. It used to take people weeks and months to master just few techniques. Some of them are: 

To Learn How To Run 

In this game, combat is not the only skill that is required. Players also need to learn the art and technique of building many structures in the 3D space. This takes a lot of precision and practise, and keep players at bay for hours and even days. This is indeed, an extremely competitive game and only the best players tend to survive in the long run. 

The Game Impact 

Fortnite is not only considered a game of skill, but it is also considered to be a game of brain as well. It may appear to be a nice and simple game, but it is just a façade. Players initially do not understand the advantage that comes from building up of the mechanics. Building up of these structures can help you to be safe, and it becomes utmost important to do so in many scenarios. Thus, one of the key skills to learn is to be able to build up structures at the blink of an eye. 

Know what to Buy 

The game also shows the players the various types of skins that are available for them to purchase. However, the catch here is that these skins are extremely exclusive and are up for sale for the shortest amounts of time only. So, the player needs to have decision making skills on order to buy things as once an item goes out, there is no prediction as to when it will be available again. Thus, you must know your game and make your decisions as fast as you can 

Be In Motion 

Fortnite was one game that was always constantly changing. It always had new updates, changed strategies, new characters, etc. The gameplay is also constantly evolving, thus shaking up player’s strategies as well. So, while playing Fortnite, one constantly has to be on his feet for new changes. 

Thus, due to these features and characteristics, Fortnite Battle remains one of the most remembered games of all times. 

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