How GTA Vice City Changed All Our Lives

For example, since the introduction of their first game in the year 1997, the GTA series has got into a number of controversies and has also been insinuated to glamourize violence. However, this is just the Gameplay of the Grand Theft Auto Series as players earn points or money by killing. Thus, the more damage a player causes, the better he or she is at the game. So, by creating more and more destruction, you get to advance further in the game and reach more levels and stages.  

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However, if we compare GTA to the other games of the time, then it can easily be said that GTA was much more sombre when compared to its competitors. While the other games allowed the buying of sex workers and other weapons, GTA only allowed the purchasing of more weapons against more destruction. So, the accusation of GTA being the most violent claim was false.  

Now, after the introduction of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in the year 2002, there was quite an uproar. This version was the grandest that one had ever played, with more characterization and detail. With the 2002 launch, GTA went all out with all guns blazing – literally! Vice City was truly contentious of it all – with the games becoming bloodier, more violent and more bloodthirsty. In this version, violence and crime were all over the place.  

Even for the players – the more you kill, the better suits and armour you get, and you’re even rewarded handsomely based on the kills you make. Moreover, these rewards and cash could be invested to buy houses, businesses, and other such things, which would eventually churn out more cash for you. Thus, the motive of the 2002 version was simple and clearly defined – the more violent you are, the better you are than others. So, kill, make money, purchase things that make you more money, and kill again! 

This message that was being sent out to the player’s brought Grand Theft Auto again, into a lot of controversies because unlike the previous version of the game, this came with a clear message – the more bad things you do, the better crimes you commit, better handsomely you get rewarded.  

However, this is what looped many players into the game as they could enter a world where they could do what they wanted, and emerge out as the ultimate winner. The guns, swearing, bloodshed attracted a lot of youth into the game as it made them look cool and undefeated. 

However, despite all the controversies and the talking, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City remains one of the most coveted games of all times which is loved by everyone all around the world. 

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GTA 5 Vice City Cheat Code (2020)

  1. THUGSTOOLS – All weapon lv1
  2. PROFESSIONALTOOLS – All weapon lv2
  3. NUTTERTOOLS – All weapon lv3
  4. ASPIRINE – Full heatlh
  6. FANNYMAGNET – Woman will follow you
  7. YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE – Increase wanted level
  8. LEAVEMEALONE – Not wanted
  11. PROGRAMMER – Thin
  12. STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP – Have FBI and Cop’s suit.
  13. CERTAINDEATH – Smoking
  14. CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED – Play in the shape of Ricardo Diaz
  15. LOOKLIKELANCE – Play in the shape of Lance Vance
  16. MYSONISALAWYER – Play in the shape of Ken Rosenberg
  17. LOOKLIKEHILARY – Play in the shape of Hilary King
  18. ROCKANDROLLMAN – Play in the shape of Jezz Torent
  19. WELOVEOURDICK – Play in the shape of Dick
  20. ONEARMEDBANDIT – Play in the shape ofPhil Cassidy.
  21. IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY – Play in the shape of Sonny Forelli.
  22. FOXYLITTLETHING – Play in the shape of Mercedes
  23. BANGBANGBANG – Explode all vehicles
  24. ILIKEDRESSINGUP – Change suit
  25. PANZER –  CreateTank
  26. TRAVELINSTYLE – Create Bloodring Banger
  27. BONOBODYLIKESME – No one like you
  28. WEAPONSFORALL – Mad people
  29. TIMEFLIESWHENYOU – Increase game speed
  30. BOOOOORING – Decrease game speed
  31. MADWEATHER – Time movement
  32. GETTHEREQUICKLY – Create Bloodring Banger#2
  33. GETTHEREFAST – Create Sabre Turbo
  34. GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED – Create Hotring Racer
  35. GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST – Create Hotring Racer#2
  36. THELASTRIDE – Create Romero’s Hearse
  37. ROCKANDROLLCAR – Create Limosine
  38. RUBBISHCAR – Create trash card
  39. BETTERTHANWALKING – Creatae Golf car
  40. GIVEUSATANK – tranform into tank
  41. AIRSHIP – Airshop
  43. MIAMITRAFFIC – Break the rules
  44. AHAIRDRESSERSCAR – all cars have pink color
  45. IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK – all cars have black color
  46. COMEFLYWITHME – Xe ô tô bay ( không có xe máy )
  47. GRIPISEVERYTHING – Phanh xe ăn hơn
  48. GREENLIGHT – Tất cả đèn giao thông đều chuyển sang màu xanh
  49. SEAWAYS – Ô tô đi dưới nước ( không có xe máy )
  50. WHEELSAREALLINEED – Bánh xe của 1 số loại xe sẽ tàng hình
  51. LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS – Xe thể thao có bánh xe to
  52. LIFEISPASSINGMEBY – Đồng hồ trong game sẽ chạy nhanh hơn
  53. ONSPEED – Tốc độ các hoạt động trong game sẽ nhanh hơn
  54. BOOOOOORING – Tốc độ các hoạt động trong game sẽ chậm hơn
  55. FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT – Người dân trong thành phố đánh nhau
  56. NOBODYLIKESME – Mọi người sẽ tấn công và tìm mọi cách để giết bạn
  57. OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMS – Tất cả mọi người có vũ khí
  58. CHICKSWITHGUNS – Những cô gái sẽ có súng bên mình
  59. IFIWEREARICHMAN – Tăng tiền
  60. GESUNDHEIT – Tăng Máu
  61. MOREPOLICEPLEASE -Tăng thêm cảnh sát (truy nã đó)
  62. NOPOLICEPLEASE – Giảm cảnh sát (giảm độ truy nã)
  63. GIVEUSATANK – Hoá xe tăng
  64. BANGBANGBANG – Nổ tất cả xe cộ
  66. ITSALLGOINGMAAAD – Tất cả mọi người đánh nhau
  67. NOBODYLIKESME – Không ai thích bạn
  68. WEAPONSFORALL – Dân Điên
  69. TIMEFLIESWHENYOU – Tăng tốc độ trong game
  70. BOOOOORING – Giảm tốc độ trong game
  71. TURTOISE – Full armor
  72. SKINCANCERFORME – beautiful weather
  73. ILIKESCOTLAND – Cloudy
  75. PEASOUP – Fog weather
  76. MADWEATHER – fast time movement
  77. ANICESETOFWHEELS – Make the wheel invisible
  78. CHITTYCITTYBB – Reduce gravity
  79. CORNERSLIKEMAD – Drift good
  81. GUNSGUNSGUNS – Full bullets
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