One-stop guide to Minecraft potions

 You may also focus on enhancing your character’s strength with armors, weapons, and potions. Minecraft potions enhance your characters strength but the effects do not last for a long time. Still, these can be useful before a heavy combat scene. By drinking these potions, you can resist fire, enhance damaging capacity and boost health.  

How To Make Potions 

You can make many types of potions and each lends you a unique capability or power. However, to prepare a potion you will require one Brewing Stand. It is needed to cook the concoctions. You can actually craft your own Brewing Stand. 

A Brewing Stand is not tough to create. You need to use a Blaze Rod and mix it with 3 Cobblestone bits.  The Blaze Rod is the fuel and so it must be kept at the center. The Cobblestone should be placed at the bottom. Blaze Rods can be obtained in Nether Fortresses. 

Creating Effect Potions 

The Effect potions can be made by mixing Awkward Potions with various ingredients. The Awkward potion should be kept inside the Brewing Stand. Next, you will have to add the necessary stuff in it. Make sure the Blaze Powder is in store for lighting the stand.  

Listed below are the ingredients you can use and their effects: 

  • Sugar – creates the Potion of Swiftness. It can be obtained by crafting sugar cane. 
  • Golden Carrot – Makes the Potion to obtain Night Vision. You will need one carrot and eight Gold Nuggets. 
  • Rabbit’s Foot  Makes the Potion of Leaping. You have to slaughter the bunnies for this. 
  • Glistering Melon Slice – Makes Potion of Healing. It can be made by obtaining a Melon Slice and eight Gold Nuggets. 
  • Blaze Powder – Creates the Potion of Strength. You will need to get a Blaze Rod. 

How to change the Minecraft potions 

 Apart from creating potions, you can change them too. The effect of the potions can be altered by adding special items. These ingredients alter the working mechanism of the potions. You can also turn potions into poisons.  

  • Redstone Dust – Extends the duration of a potion. 
  • Fermented Spider eye – reverses the potion effect. 
  • Glowstone Dust – Enhances potion potency. 

Summing it up 

It will take some time before you can figure out which potions will suit your needs the best. Sometimes, you can manage just fine by making a few potions.  

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